This blog takes it’s name from one of my favourite beers – the German Hefeweizen. Hefe, pronounced ‘hay-fah’ being the German word for yeast. I will be blogging generally about beer and home-brewing topics that I find interesting and generally wasting time writing about, instead of drinking beer.

I am based in Nelson, New Zealand – near the heart of the country’s hop growing region and home to some of the NZ’s best craft breweries.

– Christian.



  1. Good beer stuff here, and I’m liking the Stone Roses footy. Added you to my blog-roll

  2. Cheers! You’re reminded me to start setting up my international Blogroll which I added you to.

  3. I spent 20min talking to someone called “Chris” at Marchfest thinking it was you… until I asked and he told me it wasn’t. It was nice to meet him. Maybe it’ll be nice to meet you next year!!?

    • Hi Stu. I did actually see you briefly and was going to come chat but after a few beers I’m prone to ‘drunken fanboy syndrome’. I’ve been burned in the past with Musicians though I’m sure brewers are a much more humble breed. Sound silly I know! Maybe next year or at Beervana if I make it.

      • Ha! I’m a drunken fanboy too, so don’t worry at all about that. And a drunken salesman: I tried to convince Don McGlashan to buy my father-in-law’s guitars (www.burginguitars.co.nz) and I gave a my “yellow is the new black” t-shirt away (to a friend of a friend) in order to convince him he must shop at my sister’s football store in Wellington (www.champscentral.co.nz). I guess I should have been promoting Yeastie Boys but it’s fun to just be in the crowd making new friends and hanging out with old ones.

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