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Beer review: Schneider Weisse (Original)

May 13, 2009

There’s not a great deal of European wheat beers readily available in NZ, so it’s great to see that Fresh Choice Nelson are now offering two beers from Germany’s Schneider Weisse – Original and Aventinus (more about this one in another review).

Style: Bavarian Hefe Weizen, 5.4% abv, 500ml bottle

I finally got round to sampling Original tonight and have to say I wasn’t hugely impressed – though I’ve found enjoying a wheat beer can very much depend on your mood, the weather, accompanying food etc on that particular day. The beer is a rich copper colour – darker than most hefe weizens and this is perhaps why the beer tasted more conventional – the esters not coming through as strongly as I expected. The classic banana and clove flavours were certainly there and enhanced by food, though the balance was more toward the tart citrus flavours than other hefe weizens I’ve tried – maybe I’m just a sweet tooth. The beer poured very effervescent and resulted in a thin, very creamy head. Aroma was estery but restrained.

If you visit the Brewery’s website linked above (change language into English bottom left) you’ll see that this beer has a cult following in Germany – with at least 50 fan clubs dedicated to Schneider Weisse! Other things of interest on this extensive site include a wheat beer lexicon and a pictorial of how to pour the perfect weisse.

The brewery dates from 1855 when Georg Schneider leased the royal ‘Weisse Brauhuas’ Hofbräuhaus. In 1872 he purchased wheat beer brewing rights from the Bavarian royal family. Previously wheat beer had only been brewed and consumed by the aristocracy and enjoyed new popularity, despite the spread of lager brewing. New breweries were opened in Munich and Kelheim – with the Munich site being destroyed during the war. Primary fermentation still takes place in open vats (sources: Roger Protz ‘Classic Bottled Beers of the World’ + the Schneider Weisse website).