Wimmin and beer

September 22, 2010

I was taking suggestions from my co-workers today on what style of beer I should brew in the weekend (as you do) and was taken aback by one of my female colleagues asking ‘beer is beer isn’t it?!? After recovering my composure and explaining about the numerous styles of my favourite amber liquid, I wondered – ‘are women missing out on beer and if so – why?’

On one hand, this is someone who frustratingly drinks wine every time we go to the Freehouse – a beer candy store if ever I saw it – but then on the other hand, seems pleasantly surprised when sampling my home brew. While I also work with some European ladies who love their beer and either home brew or bring me back bottles of Weihenstephaner after trips home – what makes the average female more often than not, choose wine when not under obligation to sample a colleagues latest garage creation?

There are the biological explanations – woman’s tongue’s have more taste buds than men’s so are not as amenable to the bitterness of hops but I’m sorry, this seems like BS to me. I gave my wife a home brew today and while she thought it was a bit too bitter, I’m pretty sure that any pantywaist male who thinks that Tui makes Pale Ale; Southern Cross is a bunch of stars rather than a high alpha New Zealand hop; and who hasn’t had his tongue obliterated by tons of hops would say the same thing (grrrr, hops are manly!!)

To me, the issue is a cultural one. As my wife explained – beer is perceived as first and foremost, a man’s drink; is highly carbonated so may lead unfeminine belching; and is altogether perceived as a more risky option than safe wine. There is also the perception that beer is a singular and uninteresting entity (an opinion still common amongst many males) which tastes like crap – and this makes perfect sense, given the offerings of many mainstream brewer’s (though said males have learned to enjoy these, again for cultural reasons).

So, like some crazy Pastor who has seen the big JC, I’m keen to spread the gospel of hops (and malt if I have to) – these ladies are missing out and need to see the light! What’s your opinion? Are ladies really biologically wired to  hate hops?; should we leave them to their primitive vinous beliefs?; am I really just a misogynist?


Jools Holland female medley:


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  1. gonna send this to my mom

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