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All brewed out

September 13, 2010

Phew, I’m exhausted after a beer-filled weekend (and it didn’t even involve much drinking) – first was the brew gear building man-fest on Saturday morning, followed by gear cleaning on Saturday afternoon, beer bottling on Saturday night, brew preparation on Sunday morning and finally brewing on my new set-up on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s some pics of my new all-grain gear. The hot-liquor tun is a 37L stainless pot – I’m currently heating this on a 3-ring burner but will soon be putting in an electric element. Mash-tun is a 10 gallon Rubbermaid drinks cooler – picked up half-price (though still quite expensive). It currently has a looped piece of braided hose which may be shortened to a single loop depending on performance. My kettle is a 54L stainless pot heated on the 3-ring burner. And last of all is the massive immersion chiller made from 15 metres of copper with stainless barbs simply hammered in the ends and hose fittings – no brazing required.

A few more bits and pieces and it will be all be complete – thanks to members Dale, Greydog and Evan for your help in getting this set-up. The recipe is a NZ Pale Ale which may be entered in the SOBA 2010 Homebrewing competition, all going well.

Ready for mashing

Grist + some green things

Mashtun with braided hose

Polystyrene cap to keep mash at temperature

Mash ready for sparging + more green things

First run-off

Filling the kettle + even more green things


60 min boil under way

The beast - 15 metres of 15.88mm copper

Chilling (+ doing the dishes)



A history of hops

July 20, 2009

If you’re into your history and hops, you may be interested in an article I stumbled on today. The article is on a useful local website called ‘The Prow’ which details the history of the Top of the South region. It discusses the development of Nelson as NZ’s hop growing region from the plantings of early English and German immigrants to the tasty, NZ-bred, disease-resistant varieties of today.

This beats the hell out of School!

"This sure beats the hell out of School!"

mmmmmm...sticky buds

mmmmmm...sticky buds

I was given a bit of a tiki-tour of the hop-growing region by a local recently after a day tramp in the Abel Tasman. You can still see some of the old hop kilns about the place but around Riwaka it looks like apples are now the crop of choice (the top wires are still there above the apple trees). However, round the back streets of Motueka there are plenty of small plots – currently being mowed by sheep.

There’s more history on the Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ site, conveniently located in an article on Hops, Tobacco & Hemp.