The Christmas Spirit

December 18, 2009

When I first started reading this article on stuff.co.nz, I thought the Heathists had finally grown a sense of humor – but as I read on about this study published in the British Medical Journal, it became clear that they are serious (or it is very well-done satire designed to enrage bloggers like me).

Santa Claus has been accused of acting in ways that could “damage millions of lives”.

As the mythical man in red zooms around the planet delivering gifts, he is an unwitting promoter of obesity, unhealthy products, disease and even drink driving, according to an Australian academic.

Read the whole thing and weep.

Update: Eric @ Offsetting Behaviour has a response from the author – it is indeed tounge-in-cheek.

Hat tip for today’s clip: The Malthouse Blog



  1. It’s got to be a joke mate. They refer to an Australian academic! 😉

    Whoops, Matt K reads this…

    *waits for the lump of coal in his stocking*

  2. “Santa’s “rotund sedentary image” also had the effect of making “obesity synonymous with cheerfulness and joviality” around the world, he said.”

    So all fictional fat people have to be depicted as gloomy?

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