I see a darkness

July 8, 2009

In case you didn’t notice it’s now the middle of winter (though I have to admit the last two days in Nelson have been pretty perfect) and that of course means – dark beer!

This weekend the Moutere Inn are holding ‘The Dark Side’ – a dark and winter beer showcase. This will of course bring up the common problem I experience in pubs these days – which beers to choose? On tap will be:

  • Emerson’s Brewers Reserve
  • Emerson’s London Porter
  • Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black
  • Three Boys Oyster Stout
  • Harrington’s Wintertide
  • Moa’s Winter Ale
  • Green Man Strong
  • Plus local regulars – Townshend’s No. 9 Stout and ESB (a personal favourite) on hand pump.

Think I’ll have to try the slightly infamous Pot Kettle Black (hoppy and dark) and Oyster Stout (with real Bluff Oysters).

Another winter treat just out is Mac’s Solstice Winter Beer which I managed to sample this evening at The Vic Brewbar.

The appealing label is matched by an equaling appealing brew from a mixture of Pale, Vienna, caramalt, Dark Crystal and Chocolate malts resulting in a rich, nutty, aroma and taste with hints of Chocolate. Balancing this nicely is spice and bitterness from a mix of Southern Cross and Fuggles hops, plus something extra special in the form of the peppery native plant – Horopito. A fine, well balanced ale perfect for winter.



  1. infamous?

    Everyone’s loving the Oyster Stout this year… I’m looking forward to trying the solstice, I’ve heard a few good remarks.

  2. Infamous is probably the wrong term but PKB seems to have generated quite a buzz amongst realbeer.co.nz followers, throw in the name and I picture a beer that stands out from the crowd. I’m looking forward to trying it!

    • Cool, let us know what you think. I’m picking it’ll be tasting great about now. Was probably a little young in Wellington but everyone got stuck in (and a few places wanted a lot more kegs) so they must have enjoyed it.

      Wish I could join you… looks like my kind of festival.

      • Loved the PKB – really appreciated the bitterness (and flavour) coming through from the hops and interacting with the usually dominant dark malts. Could’ve easily passed the afternoon with a couple of glasses but had to drive.

        The local bike gang turning up really added to the ‘dark side’ atmosphere! Pretty sure they were sticking to the Monteith’s & Tui though.

        Looking forward to the IPA currently in the works.

      • glad you enjoyed it. Are you coming over for BrewNZ?

        What a shame about the bikies. I guess they argue all day about the quality of Harley versus Triumph versus BikeX and don’t give a second thought to what they are drinking.

      • Unfortunately, probably won’t make it to Beervana though I’ve been looking into it. Have a baby on the way so that’s more of a priority at the moment.

        My brother and a friend are visiting from overseas in August so it’s going to be a good beer month for me anyway.

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