Protect your pint

June 5, 2009

An online petition has been set-up to tell the NZ Government to ‘bugger off’ with their one size fits all alcohol tax review. Follow the link to add your signature:

Online petition – Support New Zealand’s craft beer brewers

Pretty sure this video has nothing to do with this post but it’s Friday so who cares:



  1. The tax will disproportionately harm the big two, rather than craft breweries.

    The appropriate response is to oppose the tax increase altogether, not to favour one group of businesses over another. Poor people need to drink too, and this will hit them the hardest.

  2. Yes, I totally agree. I think what happens here is that you feel somewhat guilty opposing any across the board tax increase, thinking that people will assume you’re just a pisshead who objects to having to pay any extra for your booze. And instead hope that if the govt would just focus their tax grab on the big two, they might leave my tasty craft beer alone. Surely they’re the problem – not me!? Supporting the craft brewer’s almost sounds noble but yes, the govt should get the hell away from all pints, not just the tasty ones.

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