Who wants to hoe my garden?

June 2, 2009

Just picked up some Hoegaarden white beer on special – it’s been a while since I’ve had one of these fantastic brews. I’m not going to review it as most people will have tried it at some stage already. Instead, I’m going to have a rant about pronunciation. This brewer of this beer is pronounced ‘who-garden’ – not ‘hoe-garden’! For those of you still struggling, listen to this (or this if you want add a Dutch accent).

Unfortunately, this is one of those words where the wrong pronunciation is more widespread so if you try to lay-down your beer boffinry upon some ignorant friend or barperson – they’re likely to ‘correct you’ – ‘oh, you want a hoe-garden?!’ and you’re left looking like a newsreader doing an item on Lake Taupo. Grrrrrr!! This ignorance won’t be fixed overnight but if we all do our bit, we can make an importance difference to countless lives.

Update: Here’s a great resource to improve your beer vocabulary.



  1. Sweet. And while we are at it can you do one on Duvel too. I kept getting told I actually want a Doo-Vell.

  2. Ah, like the ‘discussion’ I had with a bartender at a Cock and Bull about ‘foo-gills’ vs ‘fug-ills’.

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