May 21, 2009

Well, I started off my series of celebrity guest writers with the big JC – pretty hard to top, unless of course you’re Phil Collins. No doubt everyone remembers their Phil Collins phase, an important rite of passage on the way to becoming a well balanced adult. So tonight our special guest writer answers that timeless question – what would Phil Collins drink?

Hello, Phil here. I’m English, so obviously I love my beer and if you’ve been paying attention to my music it’s easy to see – I left clues about my great love of ale in lots of my songs. Unfortunately, lots of these have been misconstrued. Take for example, one of my biggest hits – ‘In the Air Tonight’ – can you believe that people believe all kinds of crazy urban legend shit about this song?– you know, that I witnessed a murder and then invited the crim to a show where I lecture him about not killing people and stuff, and then he has a heart attack. The real story is that I was going through a Belgium beer phase when I wrote that song – it’s about that funky bacteria ridden sour beer – lambic – where they leave the beer in the brewery rafters at night with open windows and wait for wild yeast to settle in it – get it – I can feel it coming in the air tonight! ha ha, it’s a bit geeky I know.

Then there’s ‘Sussudio’ – a love song about my recording studio – but when I sang it, I was totally hammered and started stuttering and slurring all over the place – su su sussdio – guess it sounded alright in the end. I still can’t remember anything from that session.

Another one people have wrong is ‘Another Day in Paradise’ – everyone thinks this is about the problem of homelessness but it’s really about ‘publessness’. I was sitting in a warm pub one evening, enjoying a nice pint when I saw a bum outside in the cold with his bottle of vodka in a paper bag. I thought to myself, ‘why can’t this guy be inside enjoying his tipple from a glass like me, while soaking up the atmosphere of a classic English pub?’ Sad really, when you think about it.

Well, that’ll do for now, here’s a clip for you geezers to enjoy:


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