2 line beer reviews

May 8, 2009

Now that Twit-er has shortened everyone’s attention span it’s acceptable to write in the minimalist style, which suits me well because I’m lazy.

Went to the Free House tonight and had the best beer of all – free beer. So here’s the quick reviews:

Tuatara Hefe: Aroma and taste – banana chips, yum. Spend ages trying to liken the aftertaste of a Hefeweizen to something, still none the wiser.

Emerson’s Pilsner: Front runner for NZ’s best beer. Amazing hops. Taste likes Marmalade after eating a Dolmade.

Founder’s Fat Lip: brewed for Marchfest. Not sure it’s it’s widely available. Damn, what a great beer – best Founder’s brew I’ve tried. Rich maltly taste like Ryvita crispbreads, balanced perfectly against fresh and tasty Nelson hops.

All great beers – it’s a hard life.



  1. “Emerson’s Pilsner: Front runner for NZ’s best beer.”

    Really? Their Weissbier is pretty damn good, as is Green Man’s wheat. The Weizengötter are no doubt displeased that a blog with such a noble title would elevate a mere lager to such an exalted position.

  2. Still haven’t got round to trying Emerson’s Weiss – have to put it to the top of my list. Green Man’s, I found fizzed everywhere and the yeast was a bit funny tasting – still good being a beer and all that.

    My other great love is NZ Pilsners and Emerson’s is quite amazing – kind of ruins the taste of other beers afterwards though. Took me until my fifth Mac’s Hoprocker until it tasted nice again.

    • Good call on the Emerson’s Pilsner… if it were a folk song we’d call it “a standard”. Everyone’s had a crack at covering it but Old Dick needs to be on vocals for this one (ironically).

      And it still tastes good without the German malt.

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